Bearded Dragon Care

Bearded Dragon Care and General Information

The bearded dragon has a long history, from its origins in the deserts of Australia to today, where they enjoy a growing popularity among amateur and professional herpetologists due to their gentle temperament and prolific breeding. These active, energetic reptiles are well known for being easy to tame, being fairly calm and having a friendly nature that allows their keepers to handle them on a regular basis without causing undue stress to the animal. They make good pets for young and old alike, but like all animals, they do require knowledgeable care and handling.

You will need information that will guide you through the essential care guide for and keeping a bearded dragon in your home. With bearded dragon information, some patience, understanding and a willingness to commit to the animal’s care, you will soon be well on your way to enjoying the company of a bearded dragon.

Breeds of Bearded Dragon
The bearded dragon, of which there are seven species in the genus Pogona, are agamid lizards that favourrocky desert regions and arid woodlands.
Several species in the Pogona genus have been domesticated by humans, and of those the Pogona
The other common variety of bearded dragon to be kept in captivity is called the Western Bearded
Dragon, also known as Pogona minor.
Pogona barbata, also known as the Eastern Bearded Dragon, is found naturally in the wooded
areas of Australia.

Bearded Dragon Care

Vivarium setup requires careful consideration as this is where your bearded dragon will spend the majority of their time. You need to set up the ideal environment for them to live a comfortable and healthy life.

Food and Nutrition
Bearded dragons eat a lot and can eat a wide variety of food, both live prey and fruit and vegetables. For your dragons health you need to know what they can and cannot eat, and what supplements on the market are required to keep and fit and healthy dragon.

Bearded dragons can display some amusing actions. It is important to have an understanding of bearded dragon behavior so that you can be aware of your pets moods. Here is a list of common actions and what they are believed to mean, to help you in your understanding of your dragon.

Health Issues
Despite beardies hardy reputation, they can still contract a number of health issues. Find out details of possible diseases contracted by bearded dragons.

Bearded Dragon Care Questions and Answer
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